Toolern Vale Landcare - Our History



Toolern Vale Landcare is a vibrant volunteer organisation with over 35 active family members.
We have been a member of the VFF Landcare for over seventeen years.

This award winning group is not only involved in revegetation and cleaning up of public land (including roadsides), but also runs a strong lecture series educating local landholders on environmental issues. We also have family days with BBQs, fundraisers, plantings and outings to visit sites of outstanding environmental works.

The group also actively encourages newcomers to meet others and strengthen community spirit.


Toolern Vale Landcare developed a strategic plan in 2001.

Toolern Vale Landcare is dedicated to making Toolern Vale the best place to live by enhancing the environment. We are working to reduce the degradation caused by pests and erosion and to restore indigenous vegetation. We strive to develop an informed, productive and friendly community working effectively with other organisations to improve the area.

The Environment, Working together, Fulfilment, Friendships within the community, Enjoyable, Achievements, Committed, Successful and Recognition

a. Develop an action plan. Review this plan at each executive meeting and summarise at each Landcare meeting to ensure the group retains focus. Celebrate each time a major goal is completed.
b. Raise awareness of the Landcare group and its activities to all residence and landholders of Toolern Vale. Create a comprehensive name and address list.
c. Delegate the responsibilities from the action plan to members to suit specific jobs so everyone participates. Ensure each member is involved with a formal Landcare project every two years.
d. To have 45 active members and for every meeting to have a social aspect.
e. Identify and record, within six months, what other support agencies have to offer us and how to utilise their skills, knowledge, facilities and funds. Effectively work with these groups to ensure full participation at working bees with sufficient funding to achieve the goals.
f. Weed free creeks, roadsides & parklands with appropriate native vegetation planted within Landcare boundaries within five years.
g. Identify, protect and maintain remnant vegetation on public and private land. Create a map of the Toolern Vale Landcare region identifying remnant species.
h. Educate and encourage landholders to be responsible for their land and actions, especially regarding weeds, vermin and erosion. To have a greater than 95% approval by the Melton Shire with their Environmental Enhancement Program within the Toolern Vale Landcare region in three years.

If you'd like to read more of the strategic plan? You can download the complete 228kb document now.... DOWNLOAD PDF

TOOLERN VALE LANDCARE | PO box 195, Diggers Rest. Victoria 3427 Australia |
President - Brad MacPherson | Secretary - Joan O Reilly | Treasurer - Sharyn McMahon