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We were fortunate to obtain funding for planning and in 2006 the Toolern Vale Local Area Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) was completed and launched.

The Toolern Vale BAP is a partnership between the local community represented by Toolern Vale Landcare Group, the Shire of Melton and the Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE). Landholder participation was voluntary. Participant sites were selected to ensure a representative mixture of local ecosystems and land uses.

The field survey work and report preparation was undertaken by Mark Trengove Ecological Services, with technical and mapping assistance from DSE.

The project was funded by the Australian Government's Natural Heritage Trust.

The purpose is 'to protect, enhance and extend indigenous biodiversity while promoting sustainable ways of living in the landscape'. If you'd like to read more of the Biodiversity Action Plan? You can contact us and we will post you a printed copy, or you can download the complete 16.8 mb (that's big) document now.... DOWNLOAD PDF


Greening Australia, together with funding from Natural Heritage Trust, developed a Riparian Planting Guide for anyone wishing to know what to plant along our waterways.

Riparian zones (waterways) are high priority for protection and restoration works. Riparian areas support naturally species diversity, play essential roles in water quality, ecosystem functioning, sheltering stock and provide habitat and corridors for native animals.

This riparian replanting guide aims to assist the Toolern Vale Landcare Group in achieving the groups environmental goals and provides guidance on revegetating local creek lines in an ecological and practical manner.

This guide outlines the preliminary planning required for revegetation, a site and species planting guide for six of the Toolern Vale Landcare priority areas and a table of indigenous species appropriate to vegetation within the Toolern Vale area.

Text & Illustrations by Kate Bennetts, Greening Australia

Planning to plant along your waterway? If you'd like to read more of the Riparian Planting Guide, you can download the complete 3.9mb document now.... DOWNLOAD PDF

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